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The turn of 2014 saw Ruby’s Restaurant come under new management. “There’s something incredibly exciting yet comforting in knowing that we have such an established platform on which to build our new ideas and concepts.”

With the launch of our new winter menu just around the corner, the team has worked passionately in the kitchen to bring you the heart of what Ruby’s stands for. French fine dining with a country flair.

Our motto: Quality in simplicity.

Our aim moving forward is to better embrace the idea of sustainability, placing focus on “soil to plate” concept. We are in the process of creating our own vegetable & herb garden and are absolutely in love with the idea of using our self-grown fresh produce. This is not a new concept, but definitely one that we would like to live by.

Ruby’s - Under new management

About the owner


A bit of a late bloomer

Never a dull moment

Jack of all trades..master of....

Passionate about photography, head over heels for any kind of sport and madly in love with the African Bush

Can never say "no" to a challenge

Do not entirely grasp the concept of "not possible"

Hate it to be late, hate it even more if you are late

Can easily swap my trainers for high heels and a little black dress

Have cartoon pictures in my head just before I nod off to sleep

If not a restauranteer, a CIA agent or a get-away driver

My biggest desire: sustainable living so that my kids could one day experience our planet in all its awe

My one big dream: to be remembered as someone who provoked change in the human heart for the better.